A little About Rhino ReCreation

The Rhino ReCreation Center idea was started in 2004. I had been working with boy scouts for years and I was also beginning to become more involved in the political system. I came to the realization that kids were getting a bad reputation. As always in the media the bad news sales. Unfortunately, the “old” people find it easier to blame the young then themselves. So I started to develop the idea of a place to work with kids to give them the resources and opportunities to grow and succeed in their passion. I also want to reinforce the concept that there are no free lunches. We should not rely on the government to provide for our needs.


Over time the vision I presented above came about. Our biggest challenges (opportunities) will be to find a location, determine an entity type and to finance the project. I have been developing a group of like-minded people that believe in the concept. So our resources are endless. I have set an opening date of Christmas 2021. This will give us time to set the foundation, grow the vision and build the structure.


The Rhino ReCreation Center will be divided into five distinct areas.

They will be the

High school youth center,

The Education/tutorial area,

The Gym,

The Event Center and

The Entrepreneurial center.

They will all be separate yet connected.


Rhino ReCreation “Where kids are in charge”

The kids will work in and be employed by the center. They will be given increasing responsibilities and authority as they deserve them. This will help them to develop the skills they will need in the “real world” after high school.


The slogan of the facility is, “Where kids are in CHARGE”. This is a reference to the rhino and also reminds the kids of the responsibilities and authority they can earn through their involvement.


  • Capitalistic Foundation
  • No Government Subsidies
  • Performance Reaps Rewards and Consequences
  • High Expectations and Appropriate Praise
  • Assistance with Projects from Inception to Completion
  • “Teach them to Fish”
  • Kingdom-centered