Our Driving Principles


SERVING –  We cannot make it in the world by ourselves. We all have something to offer others. It is our responsibility to society to use those abilities and traits to help others make the most out of their lives. It is important to serve without the thought of making anything in return.

SELF-DISCIPLINE – 2 Peter 1:7     “For the spirit God gave us does not make us Timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline,” America was founded on the idea of developing a dream or idea and then going out and accomplishing it. Some would say self-reliance. But it is important to understand that you must stay true to yourself, treat others with respect and be an asset to society. This takes relying on God for guidance and staying focused on your dream no matter how difficult it becomes.

CHOICE/CONSEQUENCE – We have all been given free will or liberty, meaning we can do anything we want as long as we do not infringe upon the free will or liberties of others. Even more important is the understanding that there are consequences to our choices we do not blame others for the outcomes and look for others to save us.