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The Future of Rhino Recreation

Our Plans for the Future!

The auditorium/event center will be outfitted with a state of the arts audio and visual systems. There will be a stage to hold debates, lectures, concerts and small plays. The floor will be left open so that there can be a variety of chair setups available or open flooring for a dance. The room will be used by the students and also for the general public. The idea is to provide an area to advance a thought generating venue for the community. We would like to set up a weekly "Temple of Learning" like that in the "Richest man in Babylon".

The entrepreneurial center will be the fifth area of the facility. This will include the facility staff offices. There will be an area of small rooms or cubicles fitted with desks and telephone/internet connections. These will be rented out to individuals who are beginning their businesses. There will also be small board rooms to hold meetings. Included in the staff area will be offices to assist with business development and funding services. This area will also be used to educate the kids on developing business ideas.

The management of the facility will be overseen by a board of directors. The board will build the vision and have governmental signing authority. There will be an adult general manager to ensure that all policies and procedures are followed. There will also be adult employees in positions that require them. The general manager will be the liaison between the board and the staff. The remainder of the staff will consist of the high school kids. They will have an ever increasing responsibility and accountability as the general manager develops them.

The kids will do everything from cooking, serving, scheduling, maintenance, audio/visual and accounting. There will be a kid who serves as the assistant general manager who will have all the duties associated with overseeing the operations of the total facility. He/She will do the hiring of the remaining employees. The kids will be paid a comparable wage of other like jobs. This employment structure will assist the kids in developing the skills and attitudes required in the real world. The motto or slogan of the facility is, "Where kids are in CHARGE". This is a reference to the rhino and also reminds the kids of the responsibilities and authority they can earn through their involvement.

The Rhino Recreation Center idea was started in 2004. I had been working with Boy Scouts for years and I was also beginning to become more involved in the political system. I came to the realization that kids are getting a bad reputation. As always, in the media the bad news sells. Unfortunately the "Old" people find it easier to blame the young than themselves. So I started to develop the idea of a place to work with kids to give them the resources and opportunities to grow and succeed at their passion. I also want to reinforce the concept that there are no free lunches. We should not rely on the government to provide for our needs.

I am asking that you come on board with me and be a part of the Rhino Recreation Center. Please think this over, pray and ask questions. This will only come to fruition by the grace of God and the intuition and hard work of us. Thank you for taking time to listen to me present the idea.

Let’s Work Together

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