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Building America Club

What do we do in Building America Club?

Purpose - Working with kids to provide them opportunities to develop and use leadership skills in their lives to further the success of others and their community. Teaching them to fish.

Action Plan - Develop a club in each elementary school. The club will consist of kids who desire to learn, develop and apply leadership skills. Also to mentor other kids as they grow.

Gather knowledge - Read books and articles of various subjects to broaden their foundations and horizons.

Communicate - Discuss the books and articles with peers, facilitated by the adult, to analyze how the subject matter pertains to their lives and the lives of others. Then how it can be used to change the culture of the world.

Service - The kids will use their knowledge and ideas from the discussion groups to develop service projects in their communities and possibly raise money to further fund the club. These will be self-directed projects with minimal assistance from adults.


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