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What are Contemplations?

Purpose? - To honor God by providing the opportunity and resources for young people to change the culture of the world.

Who? - The young people of our community. In some cases K-12 but in others 7-12. There may be instances where it will expand to adults. 

When? - Once a year.

How? - Determining the project for the year. Making presentations to the group intended for the project. Collecting the results and presenting the outcomes. 

Why? - To fulfill the purpose of the Rhino Recreation Center, we will be presenting ideas for the expansion of communication and to build the ability for independent thought. 

Outcome? - We will provide awards and commendations for selected winners. Then there will be further recognition through schools and community recognition.

The 2023 “Contemplation” will be “Civil Conversation”. We will begin the process in early September. 

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